Welcome To GiveGuide

We have recently acquired this domain and currently working on our new website, which will be launching soon. We have a very talented designer working on this and are very excited on what the finished design will look like!

In the meantime while we all wait for the finished article, we have shared a few of the funniest videos we can find to amuse us all while the new site is being developed! Please enjoy while we are busy getting the site ready.

Apologies if this temporary solution isn’t really your cup of tea. Hopefully it will only be a short term fix until we launch properly. Hope you enjoyed the videos! The aim of the new site will be to share some of the best ways to give gifts that will not only benefit you and the recipient but also benefit wider society as well. Don’t worry we won’t be covering boring financial topics like temporary car insurance, one day van insurance, cheap daily cover or anything about insuring a vehicle of any kind! You will be able to find activites to do in your local area, or further afield, at home or out and about, for nothing, or as you spend. Some of the types of activities you’ll find to help you make a difference are keeping fit,  raise your fitness levels, and have a positive impact on other people too. From sponsored runs, to hula hooping your way to funds, you can both get fit and help others. By making better choices about food, you can have an impact far beyond improving your own health. There are plenty of ways to eat more nutritiously whilst benefiting those in need too. From having time to yourself, to being an active part of your community, improving your general wellbeing can be combined with changing things for the better. Even changing your search engine can mean charities will benefit from donations. Take a look at the great ways to change lives, merely by getting creative. Explore the easy ways to give as you shop around or buy gifts for others. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to give, with little or no cost to you.

Volunteering doesn’t always mean a long term commitment. Short chunks of time through your mobile phone or on your computer at home can make a big difference, and even win you rewards.